Friday, 20 May 2011

Thankyou Readers & Advertisers

Thanks to everyone that has visited the blog. Visitors have passed the 200,000 mark since inception & the blog currently receives around 10,000 visitors a month. There are now 1300 web pages that your advert will appear on if you choose to advertise with Robinson-Solutions. Thanks to past & present advertisers & everyone who has visited the blog. Scroll to bottom for pricing.

Friday, 13 November 2009


It just keeps getting better...

...thanks everyone for supporting the blog!

Not sure if advertising on Robinson-Solutions is worth the money? The first graph on Google analytics (kindly shared by owner) shows the traffic spikes to the website of WCR when they first started advertising with Robinson-Solutions blog. The second, the referring visits to the sponsors store!

"We have been posting advertisements on Robinson-Solutions Blog Spot for just a few weeks now, but have seen outstanding results. We get at least 2-4 new registrations on our forum per week from the advertisements we have placed and our store traffic has been through the roof. Advertising with you has brought international sales to our plate and we're loving it!"

Chris Lambrinides, Owner

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Visitors to the Blog

Nothing to loose - just try the blog out for your advertising needs & let the results speak for themselves! If you don't see any marked improvement on visitors to your web site then you can't loose. If you track your website either by google analytics, statcounter or one of the many others - you will be able to see the difference immediately by linking yourself to the Robinson-Solutions blog. The number of visitors are growing at a steady rate - can you afford not to be seen by the windows cleaners of the world?

Welcome Potential Advertisers

If you have reached this page - you either want to advertise with the blog or ask me a question. If you are still looking for a reliable, professional window cleaner that is fully licensed, insured & experienced then you need to ring the phone number on the blog you came from - that is if you live in Mallorca, Spain! 616 880 355

I started the Robinson-Solutions blog back in 2008 due to my own personal great interest in window cleaning & the fact that the multiple window cleaning forums that abound, were becoming more hazed with truths & un-truths and poor advise was posted for the unsuspecting new-comer.

I like to keep the blog neutral in reporting the news & daily advances in the window cleaning field & is probably a testament to the amount of visitors the blog receives each week. At the moment at this time of posting - around a thousand visitors a week.

If you would like to assure your product or website reaches the window cleaning masses, you should look no further than bringing your advertising to Robinson-Solutions for a return on your monetary investment. A simple box will be placed in the listings in the right hand column & a link will be placed to your website or product.

The advertising box will be the same size or smaller than the one shown (although something could be arranged if you really wanted to go bigger or irregular) & would be shown on every link of the Robinson-Solutions blog whatever topic they click on. At this present posting, that is over 685 web pages & these contain even more links.

When you do advertise, you will be granted a blog post completely connected to your product or web page that will be immortalized forever in the blog. The subject must be window cleaning related or be a window cleaning "add-on" product that will interest the readers.

Interested? Please contact me at for queries.

Terms & Conditions
  • I try to blog nearly every day, but in some cases on rare occasions, power outages or even acts of God - this isn't possible. At some point I will need a holiday - on these occasions I will try to blog at least 15 days in the month.
  • Payment is on a monthly basis, when I get paid, you will have an advertising box shown on the blog to your specification. When you stop paying the box goes - end of story!
  • I like to keep it simple - the prices posted are at the mercy of Paypal including all currency conversions.
  • Refunds: Why would I even consider that? You pay monthly, if it doesn't work for you, you just don't pay again.